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Heal your mind, body and spirit with a range of treatments at Infinity Healing.

Men and women, either individually or as a couple, can find physical, spiritual and emotional renewal through meditation, yoga, Qi Gong, deep healing, self love, massage and an Ayurvedic lunch.

Recognised for easing away daily stresses, a massage is the perfect place to begin your renewal process. With a firm but even pressure and long, slow strokes that glide over the body, a relaxing Swedish massage can release muscle tension and lead you on your way to stress-free days.

Something you may not be familiar with, Qi Gong is a traditional Chinese method from medicine, philosophy and martial arts to balance qi, otherwise known as life energy. By aligning the body, breath and mind through meditation, flowing movements, deep breathing and a calm mind, participants are able to release internal and external tensions.

An Ayurvedic lunch is intended to nourish, energise and improve health through clean foods. This means that meals are cooked, free from additives and made fresh to help you on your way to renewal. At $250 from 9am-5pm, the wellness retreat not only helps you during your time at Infinity Healing, it goes further to give you the skills you need to continue leading a happy and healthy life. Book your retreat and be on your way to fulfilment.

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One thought on “Wellness Retreats At Infinity Healing

  • Lynette Van Herwaarde

    Dear Claire,
    I would like to confirm that the Sunday one day retreats are still running in Fremantle. I gave my daughter, Natalie White a gift voucher last year, and even though she was unable to attend the Sunday retreat. She did come and see you at your Canning Vale rooms, the time she spent with you has helped her make some very positive changes in her life. I would like to give her another gift voucher for Xmas, and hope this year she might be able to spend the full Sunday with you at the retreat. If you could oonfirm for me that this is possible, I will book on line. Thank you for your caring ways and your wisdom. Your help has been a very positive experience for both Natalie and myself.
    Thanking you, Lynette Van Herwaarde.