Red Tent Circle

The Red Tent Circle is a safe, sacred, nurturing and creative space for women of all ages and backgrounds to explore the Sacred Feminine, honor their natural cycles and the cycles of nature. It’s a place where women can rest, dance,sing, create, share their stories, dreams, laughter and tears.

Women of all beliefs are welcome. This means we honor and respect the right of individuals to choose their own paths and follow what is right for them while honoring the diversity present. If we are going to grow this movement we must make room for all kinds of diversity to be in the tent with us. Our collective journey of being a woman and honoring those journeys is our common ground. No one particular spiritual belief is assumed but rather we assume many beliefs will be present.

 tent circle perth

red tent circle perth

In the Red Tent circle we

  • Speak from our heart and from our own experience.
  • Listen with respect, compassion and curiosity.
  • Hold stories or personal material in confidentiality.
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 tent circle perth

red tent circle perth

Claire hosts a Rent Tent gatherings each new moon. Each gathering is about celebrating womanhood, releasing the stress of the past month and building support among the group. Within the Red Tent Temple we care for one another and are cared for ourselves with healing, song, meditation, story telling, council, quiet rest, herbs and sharing together. We care for ourselves in learning more about our bodies, our blood cycles, our ways of dealing with overcoming stress and learning to be more gentle with ourselves.

The Red Tent Circle Gathering are held every month as follow the astrological calendar April through to March. Attendees are also invited to bring along some nourishing food to share with other attendees.

Please feel free to contribute in which ever way you feel, bringing your gifts and energy to this circle of acceptance and understanding.

Where: Please email

                                     RED-TENT DATES 2018:

12 – 3 pm 15/4/18

6 – 9 pm 16/5/18

6 – 9 pm 13/6/18

12 – 3 pm 14/7/18

12 – 3 pm 11/8/18

12 – 3 pm 9/9/18

6 – 9 pm 10/10/18

6 – 9 pm 7/11/18

12 – 3 pm 8/12/18


Phone: 1300 339 539 – Email Claire

 “Too share such an amazing experience with such an awesome bunch of ladies changes you for the better”
Sharon, Cottesloe
 “Thanks Claire, the Red Tent Circle really opened my eyes to many things, i will definitely go again.”
Dawn, South Perth
“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” Tori Amos