Yogic Meditation and Mindfullness classes

Meditation classes reduce stress, develop a calm mind and heighten awareness – that’s why leading companies have embraced corporate meditation classes (also known as mindfulness training or mindfulness meditation), including Apple, Google, Nike, Proctor & Gamble, HBO, McKinsey & Co, Deutsche Bank and Yahoo! to name just a few.work place stress perth

Daily classes now being held in Cannock, Wolverhampton, Stafford and Lichfield.

Would your company benefits from corporate meditation classes?

Mindfulness Meditation is a very effective way of reducing stress. Benefits include:

  • Higher staff morale
    Reducing stress in the workplace means your employees will be happier and feel more positive about your organisation.
  • Reduced absenteeism
    Workplace pressures cause a range of physical and emotional illness (including depression). Stress suppresses the immune system so that it takes longer to recover from non-stress related illnesses. This results in loss of work hours.
  • Reduced workers compensation claims
    Stress-related claims account for almost 30% of all WorkCover claims and are about twice as expensive as other claims (see details below).
  • Reduced staff turnover
    Employees who aren’t coping with stress at work are more likely to leave.
  • Employees with better mental focus
    Research shows that mindfulness meditation increases mental abilities; especially the ability to focus.
  • Better inter-staff relations
    When people are stressed at work, tempers flare and relationships can sour, leading to less co-operative, less cohesive teams, which decreases productivity.
  • Better customer service
    Staff who aren’t stressed will be more pleasant to your clients and provide better customer service.
  • Higher productivity
    All of the factors mentioned above will increase productivity and improve your bottom line. Additionally, the fact that many people think less clearly when they’re over-stressed means your staff will make better decisions when effective stress management strategies, such as mindfulness training, are implemented.



Short term and long term effects

Mindfulness meditation has the short term effect of reducing stress and clearing the mind.

When practiced regularly over a period of time, it has a cumulative effect, so that regular meditators are less affected by stress compared to non-meditators. Even if a person hasn’t meditated recently, research shows that their resilience increases.

  • Call Claire today for a one-off, one hour presentation to introduce techniques and teach some practices which can be easily integrated into your daily work schedule.

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