Meditate At Work

Due to an increase in evidence, meditation is more popular than ever to reduce stress, and where do we humans get stressed the most? No surprise that it’s in the workplace. As a result, more and more big companies have introduced meditation to make their employees less stressed, happier in their work, and more productive. So, how can meditation help you?

Mindfulness meditation clears the mind, and, when practiced over a long period of time, increases the person’s resilience to stress even if meditation hasn’t been performed recently. This is particularly useful in work as decreasing stress leads to improved staff morale, mental focus, staff relations, customer service and productivity, and fewer stress-related illnesses that can lead to temporary and even permanent time off work.

While employees can meditate right from their own desk (Google’s mindfulness teacher encouraged even “one good breath a day” that can be done anywhere, anytime), a dedicated class will be more worthwhile. At Infinity Healing, you can attend a class that focuses on meditation and relaxation for one hour, introducing yourself to techniques and practices that you can continue to use in your daily life to benefit the health of your mind and body at work.

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