How to help our Men?

I know a lot of my posts relate to women’s issues but today I would like to acknowledge the issues that men are facing out there in the world today.

Here are some of the facts about being a man today:
• Men, on average, live for six years less than women do. They also have higher death rates! in every age category, ‘from womb to tomb’.
• Men routinely fail at close relationships. (Just two indicators: over 40 percent of marriages break down, and divorces are initiated by the woman in four out of five cases.)
• Over 90 percent of acts of violence are carried out by men, and 70 percent of the victims are men.
• In school, around 90 percent of children with behaviour problems are boys, and over 85 percent of children with learning problems are also boys.
• Young men!(aged from fifteen to 25) have three times the death rate of young women, and these deaths are all from preventable causes – motor vehicle accidents being the greatest.
• Men make up 80 percent of the homeless.
• Men comprise over 90 percent of gaol populations.
• The leading cause of death among men between fifteen and 44 is self inflicted death.
Mental health, physical health and mortality – men win the prize in every category. Just being male is the biggest risk factor of all.

So what as women can we do to help our men in todays world? After all they are our husbands, sons, brothers and friends. Do we have it in our hearts to be able to help them or do we leave it to themselves to try and sort out this epidemic on their own?

What ever the case what the world needs now is strong men, more than ever. Not men who are in isolation, tormented and stuck. These statistics can be changed if we encouraged a culture of men who remain connected to their hearts. Whether men can create the solution to this problems only time will tell.

I believe as a woman we have the ability to help turn this problem around and find the lovers, husbands, mentors and leaders that we so desperately desire in our communities today and help transform our world. For me this is the next step in the feminist movement. Although not complete, women have made huge transformations over the past hundred years and I believe this is the next stage in our journey.

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