Energy Morphing Activation (EMA)

Energy Morphing Activation (EMA) is one of the newest energy techniques now available allowing you to raise your vibrational energy system on all levels using sacred geometry, Colour and vibrational techniques.
How does E.M.A work?
E.M.A works by taking the DNA strands back to their original perfection, releasing old energy patterns of negativity, I.e illness, thoughts and emotions by re-configuring and allowing the body to accelerate its own inbuilt healing mechanism.

As old patterns re- surface they are released through the layers of the aura (energy field) allowing the re-patterning to occur at exactly the correct rate for each person.

Each person has an innate healing ability, which allows the body to re-generate healthy cells and reminding the body of its natural ability to heal it of anything.

As the energy is released through the aura (energy field) through all of the layers it accesses the original point of conflict or distortion and removes it so that the body no longer needs to repeat the old pattern of illness or limitation.


What may I expect during An E.M.A treatment?

The first part of the session will be done with you standing with your feet planted firmly on the ground (if you are unable to stand the first part will be performed whilst you are sitting) hands resting gently by your sides the therapist will be standing opposite you and you will be asked to take a couple of deep breaths.

During the session the therapist will rarely make any physical contact it will be explained to you what is expected from yourself before proceeding with the treatment the first part of the treatment takes from between 15 to 20 mins sometimes quicker depending on the client but your therapist will know intuitively how long they will be required to hold the energy.

In the second part of the treatment you will be asked to get on to the couch (obviously if this is not possible the treatment will continue in the chair) and you will be left for exactly 10 mins to allow your body to absorb the healing energy, your therapist will ask that you do not get up from the couch or chair until they return to the room, upon returning if you are still very relaxed as is very often the case you will be asked to sit up gently and be given some water to drink and the therapist will explain what they felt was happening during the session and you will be asked what you yourself felt.

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Energy Morphing Activation

Benefits of E.M.A

Strengthens immune system
Brings clarity into your life
Clears individual and karmic patterns
Raises cellular vibrations
Creates greater connection to your higher self
Releases unconscious patterns stored within the physical body
Who may have E.M.A?

Anyone although it is an extremely powerful energy it has the ability to only give that which each person may easily handle so there are no contra-indications E.M.A is suitable for all.

How will I feel after E.M.A?

Again this is down to each individual but most people report feelings of deep relaxation, some say they feel like they have woken from a very deep sleep, some people feel quite emotional, some say that they have become aware of an old injury or illness that they no longer have (this passes very quickly) and is just down to the energy pattern being bought up to be removed from the cellular memory and released.

How many sessions will I require?

This may all depend on the individual but usually you may feel different after even the first session and by the sixth session you should expect to see a noticeable difference in many conditions but as with any healing therapy the healing happens because the client is ready to heal, it is important to remember that you are your own best healer the therapist is there just to help and hold the correct space to allow you to access your own healing energy.

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