What is energy healing?

My personal experiences of working with energy healing have been life changing to say the least.  So what’s it all about I hear you say?

Energy is all there is. It’s all around us and is the most basic building blocks of life. Energy flows through everything and creates the universe we live in including us.

Every cell in our bodies stores and emits electricity. Every breath we take, every muscle we move and every bite of food we digest involves electrical activity. Our memories, feelings, emotions and thoughts are also patterns of tiny electrical impulses.

Our bodies have electromagnetic energies. The body’s energy systems all emit electromagnetic energy light, these systems include the:

  • Meridians – the body’s energy pathways
  • Chakras – the body’s energy centers
  • Aura – the body’s energy atmosphere

We refer to these areas as the “subtle body” and as we are starting to discover almost every culture in the world has been working with the subtle body to restore health in their communities since time began. There is no definition for these energies because we cannot measure them but many healers know how to engage them to restore health, harmony and vitality.


What is Energetic Healing?

When people seek healing they are usually referring to a physical or psychological problem based on what is understood by western medicine. For me healing takes place on 4 levels.

Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Some people may be physically very fit but have no understanding of how to express their emotions or understanding their thought patterns. Whereas others are spiritually connected but have very unhealthy physical bodies. I believe a healthy person is someone who can balance all these areas in their lives and is living to their full potential.

Energy Healing is a branch of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s an umbrella term used for any therapy that works with the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and help our body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Disease (dis – ease) is the result of the body and its energy systems being out of balance. The body knows how to heal itself and with energetic healing we can work with the body’s energy into healing itself.

Examples of Energetic Healing therapies:

Reiki, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Aura balancing, Chakra balancing, Flower and Vibrational essences, Crystal healing and Colour therapy.

These are all methods that go beyond the physical and work with the subtle energy system of the body. For example:

  • Acupuncture works by clearing blocks in the energy pathways (meridians) of the body.
  • Reiki channels universal energy (a form of energy that comes from our belief system e.g. mother nature, solar energy, the energy that created life and the Universe).
  • Kinesiology works to balance the body’s energy by tapping into it’s energy flows and where its blocked.

What Energetic Healing can help with

Energetic healing helps the healing process by clearing blocks in the energy fields.  For example, each of these can be stored in our energy field and energy healing works to clear them.

  1. Energetic healing can also help identify issues before they manifest as disease in the body. It brings to our awareness the areas we need to work through and heal in order to bring balance in our lives and maintain health and vitality.
  2. Energy Healing  repairs and re balances our energy so that the body functions at its optimum. Our energies are a very delicate balance and we become sick or perhaps don’t feel 100% when our energy flows are disturbed or blocked. Energy imbalances can result from both internal and external factors:
  • Internal: trauma, phobias, anxiety, stress, childhood programming, limiting beliefs, neurological/biochemical/structural imbalances, fears, nutrition, exercise, posture, remaining in situations that are not fulfilling or in harmony with our needs.
  • External: Environmental stresses, toxins, geopathic phenomena, astrological phenomena.

What I do

As an intuitive and energy healer, I’m a channel or facilitator, opening myself up to provide you with the energy and insights you need. In order to do this I have had to receive many healing’s myself as well as being trained in how to channel energy. I also help you access your inner child through meditation to help release any blocked traumas or emotions that you are unable to remember from your childhood.

I work intuitively to channel energy through my hands or help me work out what the problem is and the best course of action (sometimes its as simple as encouraging an attitude change or advising someone to take regular breaks from a computer).

I believe balanced chakras (the body’s energy centres) are very important for optimum body function as well as living a harmonius life so I like to work on the chakras. I also use Reiki to channel energy and crystal therapy as well as numerous other healing methods depending on what is needed and what I’m guided to use.

Can Energetic Healing help you?

An energetic healing is a wonderful way to connect with your body. If you are ill, stressed, have physical or emotional stuff that won’t go away or are just curious, I urge you to give it a try. It’s a non evasive way to help your body heal and resolve issues in your life. Also if you feel stuck and are looking for direction in life, a healing can help facilitate moving forward and dissolve blocks and fears.

Would you like to work with me?

I’m based in the Eastern Suburbs of Perth, and I also run yoga, Tai chi and Qi Gong classes as well as retreats in Fremantle which really help give you a boost.

I’d love to hear from you with any queries at claire@infinityhealing.com.au

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