Beauty in age

Its been a while since I wrote anything as I’ve been so busy this year working with all you beautiful souls. I’m currently taking a much needed break as I recognise in myself that which I hope I teach to others. To give yourself time! Be with yourself and nourish yourself in every way you can. There is nothing better for your health and wellbeing than learning how to take time out.

Its been an interesting trip for me as I’ve come back to my family of origin in England and have been visiting friends, family and the beautiful countryside I was so blessed to be raised in. I immediately noticed that everyone has aged and they probably saw the same in me to my initial disappointment.

I also noticed the wisdom that surrounds me as I listened to stories from many people I have know my whole life but who are coming to the end of theirs. I realised that modern society has a distorted ideology of strength and image. Old people are often sidelined and our culture is totally obsessed with externality, image, speed and change. The people I have been listening to have been filling my soul with grace, something I cannot buy.

In former times, old people were seen as people of great wisdom. There was always reverance and respect for their elders. I noticed that some old people still have the fires of longing burning brightly within their hearts. Unfortunately our idea of beauty is impoverished now because beauty is reduced to good looks. There is a whole cult of youthfulness where everyone is trying to look youthful; there are facelifts and endless methods of endeavoring to keep the image of youth.

For me this is not beauty at all. Real beauty is a light that comes from the soul. Sometimes in an old face, you see that light coming from behind the lines, it is a vision of the most poignant beauty and one that I wish our culture would promote more. I’m grateful to say I have seen this light in many souls of late and I hope some of their wisdom lives on in me.

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